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Assisting our community help keep our parks and trails clean, while educating our community about recycling and preservation.


Keep Austin Clean is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to help keep Austin greenbelts, parks, and trails clean for the next generation.

Our purpose is to focus on the environment instead of strictly beautification.

KAC also educates our community and promotes environmental conservation and awareness.


Educating and assisting the community to protect and maintain Austin's natural areas. Organizing volunteer-driven preservation of Austin's public recreational areas by

  • collecting trash with an emphasis on recyclable items.

  • Community awareness about preserving our natural resources.

  • Fun and innovative events to help KEEP AUSTIN CLEAN. 


Keep Austin Clean is passionate about assisting our community with volunteer work and education. None of our staff take wages, but help with funds for materials would be greatly appreciated. 

Get Involved

We are always looking for new volunteers to help us keep Austin clean. We clean locations in Austin on the first Tuesday of every month.  

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Join us for our next clean-up on Barton Springs road at noon on December 3rd.


We will meet in the parking lot across from the Umlauf Sculpture Garden.


Navigate to our Maps page for directions.

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Latest Project

November's clean-up at the 360 Bridge was AMAZING!!  We had EIGHT volunteers plus FIVE climbers rappel the cliffs to get to the trash thrown over the edge.

This was the worst we've ever seen it here.  We will be back very soon to this location.

Stay tuned for updates!!

November 5th : Clean-Up at the Pennybacker (360) Bridge

We just completed our November First Tuesday event at the Pennybacker bridge on 360.  We had FIVE climbers and even more non-climbing volunteers!  We harvested over 350 pounds of trash, but because the volume of garbage here, none of us felt like me made a difference.  This site is in such GREAT need of help, this will continue to be a featured site on KAC's map.  Please come volunteer at our next clean-up!!

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