Our Projects. 

KAC chooses a different site in Austin to clean every month.  We tend to go to places with the heaviest foot traffic. This being said if you have noticed a littered park, trail, or creek and would like KAC to go there, email us.  We value your opinions and love going to new spots. 

Project 1

KAC's first "SOLO Clean-Up" in May!!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to protect all of our volunteers and did not hold a clean-up in April.

But we had a GREAT idea for our May clean-up.  We are seeing that many of you are still able to take walks and visit some parks that are not yet closed.  While we keep practicing "social distancing", we urge you to bring along a trash bag and collect any trash you find.

Please snap before-and-after pictures, and we will post them in a new photo gallery highlighting all of YOUR pictures!

Please follow all of the restrictions and closures.

We will get through this together.  Be smart, stay safe out there!

Project 2 -- POSTPONED

Barton Springs Saloon and Keep Austin Clean have partnered!  Our first clean-up together will be May 16th

Sweetwater Brewery and Black Feather Whiskey are making a lot of awesome donations to this event.  We can't reveal all of the "goodies" just yet, but we can say this event will an EPIC!  

More details to come, so stay tuned and don't turn that dial!