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In the summer of 2015, I read a post from one of my favorite natural hangouts asking for help keeping their park clean.  I decided to organize a clean-up to help them out.  Then I thought, "Why stop there?!" That is where KAC all started. Bailee was greatly interested in this endeavour and joined the cause.  I met Ray through my massage business.  After talking to him about another of his non-profits, Operation Pets Alive in Houston, we asked if he could give us some pointers.  He decided to join the cause by the end of the meeting, and Keep Austin Clean was born!

Alex George
El Presedente

During his childhood, Alex and his family traveled and camped during the summers and school breaks. One of the lessons his parents instilled in Alex was to clean their campsite before leaving to make sure there was no trash left behind.  It was because of their influence that Alex’s passion for environmental preservation was born.

Bailee Boxwell

Bailee is a native Austinite with a passion for the environment. At the age of five, Bailee’s family moved to the hill country area of Austin, and it was then that she first marveled at the beauty surrounding her.

Ray Yepes

Ray sees education as key for teaching people to care for our planet, which led Bailee, Alex, and Ray to found Keep Austin Clean.

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